Sunday, June 8, 2008

Girl who survived fatal wreck leaves ICU

June 07, 2008

Girl who survived fatal wreck leaves ICU

Taylor Coburn, the 6-year-old Sweet girl who survived a traffic crash that killed her father and two siblings, was moved out of St. Luke's Regional Medical Center Pediatric Intensive Care Unit and into the regular pediatric unit this week.

Coburn's father, David, and her sisters, Kaitlyn, 8, and Ellie, 4, died May 17 when the the truck they were in swerved off Sweet-Ola Highway and into Squaw Creek.

The crash happened when an irrigation pipe trailer towed behind another truck disconnected and swung into the path of the Coburns' truck. Coburn's truck vaulted over the trailer, into the embankment then into Squaw Creek.

David Coburn was taking the girls to a church cleanup project at the Sweet Cemetery when the accident happened. It's the same cemetery where David, Kaitlyn and Ellie were buried.

The opinion below is mine and only mine...

I have been keeping the family Coburn in my thoughts. While this is an excellent
development that the daughter is now out of ICU I hope that she makes a full recovery.

Now here is the issue........... The State of Idaho from the Department of Motor Vehicles to
the Government total lack of enforcement especially since I contacted every state a few years
ago about this issue.

Had our government put into place a way to ensure that people who tow took a class and
then got an endorsement on the license then maybe this would not have happened.
I have a number of similar accidents in Idaho that has occurred due to these unregulated

Total Lack of responsibility to ensure that vehicles on our roadways are safe.

Here is my posting..

Please This Accident did not have to happen

When you get a moment.. I am thankful that she is out of ICU

But If the Federal Government and State Government lisend to me 4 years ago then maybe this accident would not have occurred.

The state of Idaho has NO STANDARDS FOR ANY trailer that is just under 3,000 pounds. No training and no inspections. In addition anybody can build one with no idea how to do it.

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I have featured this family at

I am sorry this is not an accident it is the act of pure negligence of the owner of the trailer to properly secure the trailer to his vehicle and just another example of a complete lack of any enforcement or standards by the state of Idaho.